What is a retreat?


Retreat is defined in the dictionary as “a quiet time; a period of rest and contemplation in a secluded place; a quiet place where people go for rest and privacy; a period of seclusion away from normal activities; a period of time devoted to prayer and meditation, often offered by a religious community.”

At Sacred Heart Retreat House, retreats are all of that and more. What is that “more?” The answer is God. It is in silence that we encounter God. A period of silence and solitude brings us closer to God. Many people, after their first retreat at Sacred Heart Retreat House, return again and again, year after year.

What is a silent retreat?

Silence fills a deep need within all of us. To have the luxury to be enveloped in silence renews and replenishes the soul’s thirst for an ever deepening relationship with Our Lord. Sacred Heart Retreat House’s silent retreats respect silence in speech and in movements, such as carefully closing doors or not running water late at night. The retreat environment facilitates the deepest communing with God.

How long is a retreat?

Our retreats are designed to nurture the spiritual lives to people from all walks of life.  Therefore, the length and themes of the retreats vary.  The length of our retreats usually fall within one of the following time frames:

  • Day Retreat (morning to early evening)
  • Weekend Retreat (Friday evening to Sunday early afternoon)
  • Eight-day Retreats

What do weekend retreats include?

retreat house 046Standard weekend retreats are silent retreats, hosted by the Carmelite Sisters. Excellent Retreat Masters lead retreatants through spiritual exercises providing conferences, confession and Holy Mass. There is also time for personal prayer, Eucharistic adoration, outdoor processional rosary, reflection and walking through the lovely gardens. Weekend retreats begin Friday late afternoon and end after Mass on Sunday, approximately 12:30 p.m.

What do Days of Recollection/ Conferences include?

Days of Recollection and Conferences are planned with the theme of the day in mind and include many of the options that weekend retreats offer on a day-only basis without an overnight stay. (See weekend retreats)

Can I arrange an individual or personal retreat?

Yes, you are most welcome to schedule an individual or personal retreat.  Please contact our Retreat Office for information regarding availability and reservations.

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