Virtual Retreat


Jun 04 - 30 2021


10:00 am



One man. One name. One Savior. Who saved us all. How often we forget who Jesus is to us?! Are you aching to renew your relationship with Him? Come and stay awhile with Him. He is ALL YOU NEED.

Our Life.
Jesus, the Lord. Jesus, the Lover of our souls. Jesus, the Healer. Dear friend, come join us on a special NEW retreat with Father Jeremiah, CFR. This is also our LAST retreat for the season! So take this time, give God the space to work in your heart – to recenter, refocus, refresh your heart and allow Jesus to be truly the center of your heart.

Father Jeremiah, in the spirit of St. Francis, has a unique gift of teaching us how to follow Jesus in practical, real, and concrete ways. He shares stories and makes our faith relevant. We promise you, you’ll walk away from this retreat feeling refreshed. God wants to refresh your soul!

What You’ll Get




Conference Topics

To believe and proclaim that Jesus is Lord to acknowledge what Christians have always believed; that Jesus is not merely a prophet, a holy man, or a wise teacher, but God. The implications of this affects every aspect of our lives. If we honestly believe that Jesus is Lord then He, and He alone, must be the center of our lives. Hence, if we are to follow Him and truly be His disciples, then our lives must become one of subtraction, so that Jesus the Lord can increase and live His life in us.


Jesus reveals himself to humanity as the lover of our souls. Unfortunately, many people do not believe that God loves them this deeply or are simply afraid of intimacy and turn away from God. Whether it is in the Eucharist, at the cross, or in the silence of prayer, Jesus the Bridegroom calls each one of us His beloved and invites us not simply to think about His love, but to live each moment in the fullness of that love.


Each one of us is in desperate need of healing. Regardless of our social status, age, or occupation in life, the human heart can only be satisfied by the love of Jesus. Even though many of us know this intellectually, each one of us must ask the question, “Am I really coming to Jesus each day in my life as I really am?” If not, can we ever really hope to experience healing and enter in more deeply to the fullness of life that Jesus calls us to? Jesus alone is our healer, and to experience His healing presence in our lives, we must follow His invitation and come to Him, surrendering all of our wounds, fears, sins, etc. to Him.
Retreat Schedule (CLICK TO OPEN)

Friday, June 4th
3:00 PM PT Zoom Introductions with the Carmelite Sisters
5:00 PM your time Stations of the Cross
7:00 PM your time Conference 1: Jesus, the Lord
8:00 PM your time Night Prayer with the Carmelite Sisters
Saturday, June 5th
9:00 AM your time Conference 2: Jesus, the Bridegroom
10:00 AM your time Rosary by the Carmelite Sisters
3:00 PM PT Zoom Q&A with Father Jeremiah
6:30 PM PT Prayer Reflection with the Carmelite Sisters
8:00 PM your time Night Prayer with the Carmelite Sisters
Sunday, June 6th
TBD Holy Mass Livestream on Facebook with the Carmelite Sisters
9:00 AM your time Conference 3: Jesus, the Healer
10:00 AM PT Zoom Q&A with Father Jeremiah
7:00 PM your time Post Retreat Follow up and Evaluation Survey


About Father Jeremiah

Fr. Jeremiah Myriam Shryock, CFR grew up in Barto, PA. He graduated from Kutztown University in Kutztown, PA in 2002 with a degree in Philosophy. Later that year he entered the Community of Franciscan Friars of the Renewal in 2002. In 2011, Timothy Cardinal Dolan ordained him a priest at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. Father currently gives talks on From the Friars on Soundcloud and is the author of Amid Passing Things and Letters of Hope and Consolation.


If you are unable to cover the conference fee, please contact sjcprogcoordinator@carmelitesistersocd.com to discuss scholarship opportunities.

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