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Mar 30 2021 - May 31 2021



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Pope St. John Paul II had it. St. Teresa of Kolkata had it. A peaceful presence that saturated those with whom they came in contact. Journey with Fr. Jacques Philippe on this “Peace in His Presence” Virtual Retreat as he leads us towards cultivating that same peaceful nature which the saints drew from the Lord. To achieve peace, we learn that there must be a reconciliation with God, with ourselves, and with others.

This retreat package gives you the opportunity to make a complete retreat at your own pace. All retreat content will remain accessible to you after purchase.

Retreat Package Includes:
5 Video Conferences by Fr. Jacques Philippe with an English Translator (~1 hour each)
Conference Transcriptions
Reflection Questions
Prayer Resources From the Carmelite Sisters (Stations of the Cross, Rosary, and Examen)
Suggested Retreat Schedule

Video Conference Topics
1. Interior Peace
Interior peace, in actuality, is our moral duty because as we become more at peace and share that with others, the world will also become more at peace. The source of peace being Jesus Christ. Listen to ways in which we can develop peace within ourselves, especially during difficult times.

2. Trusting in God Brings Peace
Trusting in God can be very scary, but when we learn how to abandon ourselves to God, we gain what we need. This is a spiritual and psychological rest which will become for us a source of peace. Fr. Jacques Philippe guides us on how we can build this kind of relationship with God through prayer and attitudes.

3. Humility, Bearer of Peace
Peace will also be achieved once we are able to reconcile and accept ourselves exactly as we are. We are all wonderfully made, and recognition of that will bring us closer to acceptance of God’s love for us. As we will learn, humility enables us to accept our limitations and return quickly to God.

4. Forgiveness as a Doorway to Peace
This conference focuses on reconciliation with our neighbor. When we change our gaze on others and trust that God is actively working in their heart, we are more able to welcome others with a purer form of love. Fr. Jacques Philippe also underlines the fact that our neighbors do not prevent our own ability to love God and have a relationship with Him.

5. Peace in the Midst of Suffering
The final conference focuses on peace within life’s joys and sufferings. From the Gospels, we see that Jesus gives us the grace to say “yes”, which makes our cross much easier to bear. Register for this retreat to reflect on the positive sides of the difficulties we go through and how we can welcome reality with God at our side.

About Father Jacques Philippe
In France, Father Jacques Philippe has various responsibilities including spiritual direction, the formation of new members in the Community, and participation in its General Counsel. He began preaching retreats regularly in France and abroad and has consolidated his principal retreat themes into twelve books on spirituality. Jacques Philippe’s writings on themes such as prayer, interior freedom, and peace of heart have become classics of modern Catholic spirituality with over one million copies sold in 24 languages. For more information, click here

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