Private Retreats

“Come to Me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.” –Mt. 28:11

Sacred Heart Retreat House offers a unique opportunity in our busy world to take some time for your own private retreat to come away and be alone with God in prayer. Our chapel and grounds are open for reflection during normal office hours. You may choose to have one day or several days of personal retreat to be renewed and refreshed in the Lord. Come for a private retreat at Sacred Heart Retreat House any time as space is available. Accommodations and meals will be provided for you.

During your private retreat, you are welcome to pray in our beautiful chapel or in any of our the beautiful garden prayer corners. You are also welcome to join the Carmelite Sisters for prayer, either morning or evening, or both if you would like.

  • Cost per night: $125
  • Cost per night including meals: $175
  • Cost to make a day of prayer (no room reservation or meals)- No cost

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