“In You all find their home.” (Psalm 87) As Fr. John Henry Hanson, O’Praem examines this truth, become more comfortable and open to taking shelter in God’s heart as you are. Make a home in the Sacred Heart of Jesus with us in this audio retreat.

These episodes are from Father John Henry Hanson, O’Praem’s weekend retreat in June 2019 at Sacred Heart Retreat House.

Episode 1: Do You Love Me?

Take a look at St. Peter and Jesus’s conversation on love. God only wants our love, nothing more and nothing less. Let’s take a moment to have this honest conversation with the Lord, within the lense of His love.

Episode 2: The Story of Your Life

Our life story is a place where we can draw hope from because God’s hands have led us to where we are today. Fr. John Henry Hanson uses the saints as examples of how their suffering was really a pathway to God’s love and comfort. How beautiful is it that our lives are really an unfolding of God’s Love and Mercy!

Episode 3: Finding our place in the Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart of Jesus not only signifies love, but also acceptance, peace, and reconciliation. The Lord meets us where we are, dropping hints throughout our life. Gain a a deeper understanding of God’s love to be able to accept it, and eventually, allow it to change your worldview.

Episode 4: Living Water

Contemplate the Lord’s conversation with the woman of Samaria and with this, how we can react to our encounter with God. God challenges us, but also, provides us with hope and all the graces we need to overcome life’s difficulties.

Episode 5: Lord of our House

As we begin to realize that our soul is the dwelling place of God, Fr. John Henry Henson gives us some insight on how we can let God make Himself at home. Let us be confident and truly believe that God wants to have a deep intimate union with us – this is the key to a deeper spiritual life.

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