Virtual Retreat | Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to stay on the retreat schedule?

The retreat schedule is merely a suggestion to try and stay focused throughout the weekend. Please don’t feel pressured or obliged to stay within the timeframe as the conference videos will expire a month from the start date of the retreat. The optional Zoom small group sharing are the only events that are scheduled. Truly our goal is to help you deepen in your spiritual life in a paced, peaceful, and prayerful way.

I’m paying “offline” by check for the retreat. How can I make sure I am registered to get access to the retreat content?

Please make sure you send us your check at least 4 business days before the retreat begins. We will email you the retreat links once we have received your check in the mail. We highly recommend paying online to ensure there is no delay in receiving the links when the retreat begins.

I have already registered for the retreat. When will I get access to the retreat content?

You will receive an email with the link to the retreat landing page on the Friday of the retreat at ~ 10:00 AM (PST) from

Will I be able to register for a retreat during the retreat weekend?

Yes! You can register online on the retreat registration page. You will then receive the retreat links to the email address provided during registration. You’ll have access to the retreat content which will remain accessible to you for 30 days from the start of the retreat.

What if I don’t receive my retreat email by the afternoon of the retreat start date?

Please check your junk mail or promotion inbox. If you find it, please add the email on the “safe sender list” or “not junk” so future emails can go directly to your inbox.

Hundreds, sometimes thousands of people are on the retreat. When high volumes of emails go out, it is possible that some emails are inadvertently not sent. Please email if this happens. May God reward you in advance for understanding.

Is there a retreat scholarship available to help cover the fee of the retreat registration?

We have a retreat scholarship that can cover half the fee of registration. If you are interested, please email sjcprogcoordinator@carmelitesistersocd. We hope our Lord will help you through this time of difficulty.

I can’t make it on time to the Zoom meeting. Will it be okay if I joined mid meeting?
Yes, you are welcome to join at your convenience. Please note that the Zoom meetings are an hour long. They will be small group discussions based on the reflection questions provided on the video conference page.
Are the Zoom Meetings with the Carmelite Sisters recorded?
No, the Zoom meetings are not being recorded as we want people to feel comfortable sharing and not worried that it will be posted to the public. We appreciate your understanding.
How do I raise my hand on Zoom?
To raise your hand in the meeting, you can use the Zoom reaction function (click on “Participants” at the bottom of your screen > Raise Hand) or press Alt + Y. On mobile, you can tap on “More” at the bottom right corner of your screen > Raise Hand. If you are on phone call in Zoom, dial *9. However, the classic hand raising on your video works too!
Is there a way I can gift this retreat to a friend or family member?
Yes! What a wonderful question! You would just need to input their email address on the retreat registration form. The rest of the form you could fill out as you would normally do. Once the retreat begins, the email you have submitted on the form will receive the retreat link.
Where can I purchase the music sung by the Carmelite Sisters?
To purchase, please visit or you can purchase them on amazon music or apple music by searching by name of song and typing in “Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles.” The name and album of the songs are noted on the page when they are played.
How can I learn more about the Carmelite Sisters?

Please visit us at, or for questions, please email us at

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