Gentle Reminders

  • Please be sure to turn away from any distractions and give yourself a solid 45-60 minutes of undistracted time.
  • Listen in a room set apart from others, not where there is a television or computer screen on.
  • Share with your loved ones what you are doing so that they can respect your time and space.
  • Have a journal you can write with, if it is helpful.
  • After the conference, we invite you to ponder any key points that struck you
  • Most of the conferences have a slight 10-25 second pause in the beginning, please wait until Father speaks. Also, if the conferences pause, you can try to press the play button again, or we recommend downloading the audio file directly from podbean by clicking on the download arrow on the top, right side of the screen.

Conference 5 “Mary, the One who Waited”

Listen anytime Sunday between 8:00 am to 11:00 am

Note: audio file only, no video

Musical Meditation: Draw Us After You, Virgin Mary

By the Carmelite Sisters Journey Home album

Draw Us After You, Virgin Mary

Refrain: Draw us after you, Virgin mary we shall follow in your footsteps

Lord, who shall be admitted to your tent and dwell on your holy mountain


He who walks without fault and acts with justice and speaks the truth from his heart


He who speaks with kindness, does no wrong to his friend, who casts no slur on his neighbor


He who holds the godless in disdain, but honors those who fear the Lord


Sunday Mass | 11:15 am PDT

Father John Henry will be celebrating Holy Mass with us today at 11:15 am Pacific Daylight Time. You can livestream without having to sign up.

Click the link below and when the live broadcast starts at 11:15 am, click the LIVE video indicated with a red LIVE button on the Facebook videos page.

Sunday Rosary: Glorious Mysteries

Pray at anytime. We suggest an outdoor rosary walk, if you’re able.

Post Retreat Examen


The post retreat examen is one of the most important exercises you can do at the end of any retreat.  Click through the button below to find it and finish out your retreat.

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