The 1st Promise of the Sacred Heart: I will give them all the graces necessary in their state of life.

This promises of our Lord, Jesus Christ, really calls me to reflect on His Words and what power they have over my life… here are the questions that I am posing to myself this month as I sit with this first promise of His Sacred Heart

What does this promise mean to you?

  • Do I see my life from the perspective of the abundant graces that He is showering upon me at every moment? Or do I only focus on what I am lacking in my life?

How does this promise play out in my life?

  • This might not look like what we think it should look like or want to look like… it might even feel good… Can I trust that He is leading me to wholeness and healing and true joy in the midst of my life as it is?

We need to do His will, not our own, to follow His call for our lives

Reflection Questions:

  • Do I believe Jesus’ promise that He will give me all I need in my life to do His Will?
  • When have I felt carried by God?
  • When did I feel alone? Can I invite Him into that experience of feeling alone and ask Him to show me the Truth?
  • How is He inviting me to surrender? How is He inviting me to do the work in me?

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