Preparing for Your Retreat

  • Upon arrival you may drop off your luggage and passengers at the library registration area.
  • Registration begins at 5pm most weekends.
  • An orientation is given after the first meal to make you feel at home and will answer any questions you might have.
  • At check-in you will be given a schedule of events and a journal to take notes in. Keep these two items on you throughout your stay.
  • Conferences and Mass are held in the Chapel.
  • Meals are served in Retreatants Dining Room.
    • If you have medical restrictions, please contact the office/captain prior to your retreat.
  • Please, no electronic devices, i.e., cell phones, radios, or anything that might distract you or a fellow retreatant. In the event of an emergency a telephone is available.
  • Sacred Heart Retreat House provides towels, bed linens and soap.
  • There is a Bible in each room.
  • Bring your rosary and a pen/pencil to take notes.
  • Items you may have forgotten (comb, toothpaste, etc.) are available at the library counter.
  • Dress is generally casual (no tank tops or short shorts).
  • The wake-up bell rings 1 hour before morning prayer. There are no clocks in the rooms, so you may wish to bring an alarm clock for your own personal use.
  • Please be prompt to all conferences and meals.
  • No smoking is permitted inside or around any of the buildings.
  • All rooms are pre-assigned.  If you require any special accommodations, please contact our office/captain in advance so that we may best suit your needs.  
  • Silence is a big part of the retreat experience and it is expected that all who attend respect this rule.  Silence begins after orientation.  


Sacred Heart Retreat House is located at:
   920 E Alhambra Rd.
   Alhambra, California 91801

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