Author: Sister Luisa Grace, O.C.D.

“I will establish peace in their homes.”

Who DOESN’T want peace? It’s what the human heart longs for most. Because where God is, there is peace. So when we long for peace – we are really longing for God, for deeper connection with Him, for a true living in His Presence.

We all know when we are peaceful and when we are in the midst of trial and tribulation. Yet, sometimes the occurrences of our daily lives that may FEEL like suffering and trial, eventually lead us to deeper healing and lasting, truly lasting peace in the Heart of Jesus.

There was a family that I knew who went through the process of enthroning their home and their family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. They were seeking peace in their home.

Two weeks after their enthronement of their home by their priest, their son’s life completely fell apart. He almost died from a drug overdose. He was a mess. In fact, they were all traumatized. It did not feel like peace.

However, because of such an awakening near-death experience, their son was willing to enter into a rehabilitation center for drug abuse. A year later, he was a free, recovering young man. He was back in control of his life.

He had peace once again.

I do not think it was a coincidence that two weeks prior to his breakdown, his family was consecrated to the Sacred Heart. What followed in his life and the family’s life was truly messy, truly painful, and yet truly freeing. They grew closer together as a family. They grew healthier. They grew in faith.

The Sacred Heart truly became their home. And that home was filled with peace.

May the peace of the Sacred Heart be yours today, too! Even when life gets messy, He knows what we need – He knows we want peace, and He longs to give it to us. Let us rest in that today!

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